Sunday, January 30, 2011

MPM # 39

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Well, I'm not usually one to wish weeks away but I am very thankful last week is OVER. Our whole house ended up with the flu and it put us out of commission all week. Needless to say, last week's menu did not get enjoyed but I decided to not just shift it all forward - new week, new menu!

I've also gotten back into planning my menu a month at a time. I've also decided to try and add one new recipe to my repertoire each week. This is to add variety as well as to split up the costs of any ingredients I may need to purchase for the recipe I'm making.

Over the past few years, our grocery budget has spun out of the control. The escalating cost of food coupled with our family whims just added up to an enormous expense each month. I haven't run the records lately, but I know at one point, the grocery budget (which includes things like paper products, vitamins and toiletries) was near $1200 per month... We are only a family of three - and one of those three was a very little child at the time! *gasp, cough, CHOKE*

This year, it is important to me that I get this under control through better planning, stretching food, buying bulk, making 'homemade' instead of convenience and making wiser consumer choices.

Part of the things I can do is to plan, plan, plan. By planning a month in advance and organizing my grocery shops into two main shops a month, I'm hope this will reign it in a noticeable amount to start with. I also like being able to properly inventory my pantry so I can plan a few meals a month by using up leftover products from the week before.

New week, new month, new plan!

January 31 to February 6

Monday KD & Fish sticks (recycled from last week)
Tuesday Two Step Honey Dijon Chicken
Wednesday Pork Chops with Noodles n' Sauce & corn
Thursday Cheesy Beef Burritos with Mexi fries
Friday Chicken burgers with Caesar Salad
Saturday Sante Fe Shepherd's Pie
Sunday Beefy Crock Pot Tortellini

For more great menu plans, recipes, tips and tricks, check out all the fabulous links over at the Menu Plan Monday at the Org Junkie!

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