Friday, January 21, 2011

Week # 3 - Two for One!

I was beginning to wonder if I'd get a chance to do my organizing this week... I tend to procrastinate and here I was, Friday afternoon, with nothing done! Instead of the panic setting in, I thought I'd take advantage of the hour I had and DO something other than surf and think about the things I could be (and should be) doing.

I looked at my list and thought - what to do? What to do? And like Henny Penny, I thought the sky was falling - then I realized that it was just one of my toppling towers. My closet shelf was at least two years over due for a 'make-over'.

I started like I'd planned - pulling everything off the shelf and sorting into three piles... "donate", "keep", "garbage/recycle". And then the shelf was empty. So I then sorted the "keep" pile and pleased them neatly back on the shelf.

I was done. But it only took me 10 minutes. I looked to ensure I'd done it correctly... I think I did but only 10 minutes had passed. I decided this was an opportunity I could not pass up... I had planned on doing my closet too so why not now?

So I took the same approach and then it was done... I packed up the clothes, fixed my dresser (the drawer slide fell off), hauled an armload of stuff downstairs (to quote the Org Junkie - "Never leave a room empty handed") and then I came downstairs to enjoy 20 minutes of time to write without a lanky little hand pawing at me insisting I play 'gucks' or 'tains' or 'race'. Now he'll have my undivided attention to play all the games he wants tonight!

For more great organizing tips and to check out the 52 Week Challenge, check out the Organizing Junkie! A huge thanks to Laura for her mentioning my blog in this week's post!


  1. Thanks! I'm beginning to really enjoy doing it and I'm loving the results!

  2. Excellent work!! I noticed something in your pictures that I read about and used a couple years ago (and need to do again this year) - at the beginning of the year I placed all hangers so that they hooked towards me. Then as I wore stuff and placed it back in the closet I hooked them facing away from me so I know what I have/haven't worn at the end of the full year (think seasons). The theory being - anything that is still hooked facing you hasn't been worn in a year and would be easy to identify as an item to give/donate, etc.

  3. That's a great idea! Thanks for the tip... I might try that with some of the different colour hangers we have (I don't have that many clothes)...

    The reason my face different directions is part of my going green strategy. Because I work in an office, my clothes don't really get dirty, so I wear my stuff twice before washing. By hanging it up after the first wear with the hanger backwards, I can easily remember to toss the outfit in the wash after the second wear. It saves wear and tear on the clothes and conserves water.



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