Friday, January 7, 2011

Fun Sock Friday - The New Year is Here!

Image Courtesy of Blackstone Images

Last Friday was New Year’s Eve and I had a post planned – I’d wanted to share how much I love entertaining and post pictures of the large spread my friend and I put together for our gathering (of 4 adults and two kids). But I was so busy planning, preparing and enjoying that I didn’t get it done!

So as I thought about this week’s Fun Sock Friday post, I wasn’t sure what I wanted to write about… The 12 goals for 2011 I wrote for myself? My love of Freecycle? The soup I loved throwing out? My love of lists?

My head is blank – oh sure, there is lots going on but nothing quite focused enough to write about. My head is a bowl of unleavened dough – not quite ready for bread!
Perhaps you’re a full loaf this morning – I’d love to hear about what you love this week so please join us and post a link to your blog below.


I know we all have something – be it socks, electronics, singing ornaments, or a closet full of beads that we want to share with the world. I want Fun Sock Friday to be a potpourri of things you love. I know this is vague and nondescript and I’m sure we’ll refine as we go along but let’s play!

This is new and as far as I know, original. Share here and spread the fun but please don’t host your own Fun Sock Friday.

Fun Sock – the Guidelines
1.Fun Sock Friday is about sharing. Posts should be original and mention your participation in your post. I’ll try my best to ensure my post and the linky are up by 9am Mountain.
2.Share something you love – craft, photo, person, song, collection – it can be anything but it should be something done by you because you love doing it!
3.Posts should be “G” rated and family oriented– no adult content or graphic images, please.

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