Sunday, January 23, 2011

MPM # 38

Another weekend is coming to a close and I'm so proud of myself for having my menu done in time! I'm working on getting back into my month at a time planning. It just makes my life so much easier... And budgeting so much easier!

One thing I've been asked frequently is how do I know what I want to eat... Most people say they can't decide day to day, let alone an entire week (or month) at a time. The fact of the matter is, this makes my life easier and makes me WANT what I've planned! A long time ago (two years, at least), I made a spread sheet of all the meals I can (and do) cook. I printed this off and put it in the front of my recipe binder. When I go to plan, I flip to this page an pick my weeks worth of meals. When I find a new recipe I like, I add it to my list (in pencil)... I need to update that file soon as I've added several new meals to my repertoire. I often search recipe books and magazines and surf the other MPM folks over at the Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday!

How do I deal with daily desires or cravings? Well, I plan my menu based on a seven day plan. I plan a beef, pork, chicken, vegetarian, crock pot, pasta & soup night. This gives the menu variety and diversity and allows me to move dinners around depending on our time and wants. And sometimes, things go all astray and we don't have what's on the menu but I find having it planned makes it easier. There are so many things in life to worry about, why would I want to spend one minute more than I have to worrying about what's for dinner?!

January 24 to January 30

Monday Soup & grilled cheese
Tuesday Beef with Snow Peas, spring rolls & fried rice
Wednesday Omelets
Thursday Sante Fe Shepherd's Pie
Friday KD & Fish sticks (from last week)
Saturday Chicken fingers & fries
Sunday ??? Crock pot something ???

We had a bit more snow this weekend and we had to get a picture of TroubleMaker out playing and helping. He's a good helper! Enjoy your week and thanks for stopping by!


  1. You are the second plan I've seen that has grilled cheese and soup on it...I think I may have to add that next week because it sounds so comforting! :)

    Stopping by from MPM. Good luck with your meals!

  2. Thanks for visiting! Soup and a sandwich is a regular feature on our menus - I love quick and easy and comfortimg - and we've developed quite a long list of soups and sandwiches to rotate through!



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