Friday, January 14, 2011

Week # 2 - TroubleMaker's Dresser

I thought this challenge would be a breeze but time is short and I'm still learning how to be organized...

As dinner was cooking, I had an hour. I thought about my list and figured my #2 could be done in the time allotted. I walked in to his room and sighed. Doing his dresser is a continual task but I knew it really needed doing when this is what I saw...

So I doubled back to the kitchen and got a blue bag to pack up the clothes to pass along. I peeked in the drawers... And was embarrassed.

I started by taking everything out and sorting into piles...
"Keep" "Pass On" "Too big"

I then bagged up the "Pass On" and then sorted out the two drawers we use for clothing and put the summer stuff and the "too big" back in the middle drawer.

Here are the results!

Hey! There was a dresser under that stuff and LOOK at the piggy banks! He's got two - one must've have a baby! ;-)

And the inside looks pretty good too!

And this is the bag that's being passed along to my good friend's little boy!

Cat not included

Guess what? It didn't hurt or cause pain. It wasn't comparable to torture or agony and I think I even had a little bit of fun! You'll have to excuse the top drawer - I still have that to do but dinner was ready and I thought I'd end on a high note! Join me next Friday for the next adventure on my 52 Week Challenge!

*Technically, this is my first week but I'm planning on doing a double project one week to catch up...


  1. Looks marvelous! btw, I LOVE the wall color in your son's room. Do you recall the brand/color name? Your pantry closet was great too!

  2. Hi Jill! Thanks for the compliments.. I do remember because it's one of the only blues I've ever fallen in love with... The wall colour is Benjamin Moore's H2O (letter H, number 2, letter O - just like water)! It is a fantastic colour and we coupled it with Benjamin Moore's "Dill Pickle" and a Coral from them because we didn't know if he was a boy or girl and this way we could play up either accent colour to make it more gender specific.

    Thanks for stopping by and again for the compliments!



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