Thursday, June 16, 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 24 - back into the trenches

Well, I am proud to report that this week, I made more progress in my office. And how apropos with Laura at the Org Junkie busting us this week with our unfinished tasks!

With the We-Design-Day project behind schedule, I had to get back into my office so we can move it out and and move my husband into my space and try to get the project back on track. I opened my office door and felt completely overwhelmed. Where would I start? Sure my white sheeting idea worked for Phase One, but now the area I'd tacked in Week 19 was done and the rest of the room was covered up...

Remember my before?


I was SO proud of what I accomplished.

Until I walked back in two weeks later.


I did what, where? I left the office, went and got a gummy dinosaur and then went back in. I still didn't know where to start but I thought "Ok, self... TroubleMaker is at the neighbours, husband is out with a friend... I should go have a shower and do my toenails. No one would blame me - taking a little 'me' time - sure, that's what I need... me time... Forget organizing, I need to recharge."

The thought was promptly followed with me getting to work (so world, please forgive my naked toes). I piled, I moved, I tossed in my boxes. I folded and sorted and cursed my love of fabric. I wished I wasn't messy and disorganized and I even wished for a bulldozer to mistakenly take down my house so I wouldn't have to deal with all the junk I have. No, not really the last one but I did mention to my husband that I was getting pretty close to being featured on "The Hoarders"... Additionally, if I had saved all the money I've spent on stuff I've never used, I'd have a lot of money... Wouldn't we all???

But I kept working and an hour later, I had a floor... Did you know that room had carpet? I'd almost forgotten!


The other thing I'd forgotten was that I've been down this road before... Can you see the three boxes stacked just behind the white table in that picture?? Do you want to know what is in them? Me too. I packed them up more than four years ago (it could even be five) in a previous (failed) attempt of cleaning up my space so I'd have more studio space to sew all the things for the baby we were going to have...

I feel a little more focused - getting through more in my space really helped me to feel like I'm in control and back on track. I also did a lot of reading last week and seeing that I'm not the only one struggling with these tasks did a lot to bolster my confidence!

I'll also be taking a blogging hiatus - we are leaving on our family vacation next Friday so I won't be able to post... If I get to a cafe, I'll post a few pictures but until early July, my 52 Weeks of Organizing will be on hold... But do check out all the others playing along! Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you again soon!


  1. I had to smile... Your craft room is VERY similar to mine.... I tell my kids... 'Hey, this/that goes in the craft room... can you run that up there for me, please?'.... I go upstairs & 'poof' my room has transformed into a craft dumping ground.... *sigh* That is on my summer to-do list... organize my craft room.... And the Hoarder's thing?..... My friend's comment to me is 'Honey, our houses are two days away from being on Hoarders!!'... lol Keep up the good work.... it's like eating an elephant.... you can do it.... one bite at a time....

  2. Hehehe... Thanks for the cheer - I know I can do it - but it is SOOOO hard... I hate the clutter but I think I hate cleaning more!

    Sage advice about the elephant - it cracked me up! Thanks for stopping by - I love the tag line in your posts! :)



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