Saturday, June 11, 2011

What flavour are you?

Today I went to the Pride celebration in my city. I worked as a volunteer for one of the many organizations helping out with the festival - I worked the beer beverage tent. I helped set up all the umbrellas on the picnic tables and then I helped stock all the tubs of alcohol.

Then I had the honour/joy of being a "Beer Tub Girl". An honour usually reserved for skinny, barely 20somethings hotties. But I was one of the 'chosen ones'... So I (wo)manned my station in the blistering heat and served their beer (and Big Rock Dry Cider) with a smile, some wit and always a "thank you!" It was a fabulous way to spend a few hours outside on a sunny afternoon. The plus was NO mosquitoes!

I hadn't volunteered at Pride before but I'm so glad I did. I like volunteering but I'm an introverted extrovert and I often find new situations awkward and uncomfortable... But this event was just so much fun - and it had nothing to do `with the crowd`- it was just the volunteering - being out, doing something positive and lending a hand. I ended up worked part of a `double shift` because many volunteers didn`t show up - I didn`t mind. It was a few hours from my day and I got to talk to many people, laugh, see some fantastic performers and just have a good time.

I even got told I was the `best lesbian ever` - I just smiled back when that was said. I love people, all people, and Pride, for me, is about celebrating diversity. We are all different - and that`s a positive thing.

How boring would the world be if we were all the same flavour of ice cream?

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