Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We-Design-Day: Need vs Want

The one thing I've learned in my years doing design - and even working - is that sometimes, the need must outweigh the want. Remember when I mentioned how interiors often get pushed to the back burner because the building envelope takes presidence? Well... Guess what?

First, our roof needs replacing. We've known about the necessity to do it since we bought the house (the shingles had 5 to 10 years of life left - we're at 7 now). Second, our shed... It's just a rickety old tin shed and we planned on replacing it our second year here. However, during our first winter here, we learned that our garage floods with the spring melt... Like really, freezes your tires and garage door in place floods so we spent the money we'd saved for the shed replacement and had the garage mud-jacked. Last year, the clasps that hold the doors close broke so we've had to jimmy the door in place before we lock the shed. It works - however, if there is a strong wind (which there has been several this spring), it starts to blow the both doors inwards, thus revealing all of our gardening supplies and treasures. So as we retooled the doors for the 52 time this spring, I told my husband I thought we should take half the basement renovation budget and apply it to the shed rehab.

I have sad face - mostly because of all the work I put into finding the right solution for my storage issues and the excitement I had over getting a spanking new space... But, being the eternal optimist who always looks for silver linings and was inspired by a song on the (only) children's only television station we get, I've decided to forge a slightly different path...

I'm still working out the whole plan, but if you watch the video, you'll see what inspired me why it's not all that bad to be going back to the drawing board and looking at this project in a different light!

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