Monday, June 6, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - When the motivation runs away with the spoon

I don't like it when I have the get behind, under the gun and have to plan everything in one night because life got to busy, I had too much wine at the barbecue and spend Sunday "recovering", was in a course all day, had heartburn and am now further behind that I was last week, husband had to survive without a menu on the fridge but they didn't starve 'cause we always got peanut butter blues.

I'm behind - so behind that I think I've spent a whole bunch of time walking backward in my sleep and it's really last week. I like menu planning - I like that I'm really in control of one aspect of my life. But I'm not. Although June ended more than a week ago, I only finished my monthly menu plan tonight and I didn't really do the entire month as we are going camping the last week and I'm holding out planning a menu until we sit down with my parents (as we are going camping with them) and plan out our meals.

My new menu planner is causing me grief too. It still has a couple of 'bugs' that I've not been able to iron out so it kind of makes planning a pain.

Oh, and did I mention that I am feeling so NOT inspired by my culinary abilities. Everything on our menu looks boring, sounds boring and in no way holds my interest. I feel like I've made everything I know how to make one million times and if I have to open one more can of soup or dice another carrot, I will, with out a doubt, expire.

I am also very tired of rotating the "chicken, beef, veggie/fish, pork, pasta, slow cooker" days of my week. I want something new and exciting that will enliven our my Menu Plan blues.

I want to taste France and Portugal and experience Far Eastern delights, I'd love to sample new and exotic flavours fused with traditional, earthy delicacies. But the reality is I've got to feed a child and a husband who knows his enemy - fishies and anything dried (like fruit). I have forty-five minutes to get dinner on the table when I arrive from work. I need simple. I need fast. I need not going to break the bank.

What is a working mother to do? Plug seven more drab meals into the menu planner and hope next week works out better! ;)

June 6 to June 12
Monday: Perogies & sausage
Tuesday: Chicken Burgers (from last week)
Wednesday: Sloppy Joes
Thursday: Mushroom & Chicken Linguine
Friday: Barbecued Steak
Saturday: KD & Fishsticks (I'm volunteering all afternoon and the boys will be on their own)
Sunday: Pizza

I know. Never before has a menu lacked originality, variety and interest. It is boring. It is blah, it is all that I could come up with.

For other, more creative menu planning ideas, check out the Org Junkie's Menu Plan Monday! Come back next week and see if I've kicked the MPM Blues! Thanks for checking in!

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