Monday, June 20, 2011

The Cold, the continuous rain and baking with TroubleMaker

Maybe I'm crazy, maybe I'm hormonal... Maybe it's the seven straight days of rain or maybe it's that the world is out to get me but whatever it is, it has my patience at an all time low and my internal temperature gauge set to boil.

It could be that we leave in four days time and I'm no where near ready. The past couple of years has been like this when we leave for vacation. I don't remember what's in the motor home, what isn't, what needs to be and what I'll forget.

Did I mention the rain? We are considering trading in our RV for an ark. I just saw a family of ducks merrily float down our avenue with a raft in tow.

First, I'm hot - really hot - and cranky and my throat hurts and, well, I'm hormonal. But not sappy hormonal, raging hormonal which makes me feel even worse because generally, this doesn't go away until I blow a gasket and the vein in my neck bulges. I've tried placating myself with cookies but to no avail. I considered my favourite snack but I knew I'd eat my way through several bags and payday isn't until next Tuesday.

Where was I? Oh yes. Rain.

Our car flooded today. At least 3" of water in the passenger side foot well.

I'm sick. I have as sore throat. Last night, every time I swallowed in my sleep, it woke me up. The only respite was plugging TroubleMaker into the TV this morning and sleeping in my easy chair. My throat feels better now - it hurts but at least I can talk (but still not to my usual volumes, hence the MEME blog post). This afternoon, TroubleMaker and I made the shopping trip I was to make tonight.

Apparently rubber boots are at a premium right now. We have a pair but TroubleMaker flooded them on the weekend and we can't get the things to dry out. I wanted running shoes for him too. But I did not want black, branded with lit bottoms - so I was out of luck. I also wanted a "Chutes and ladders" board game but that wasn't to be had either. I bought socks, cute socks, so that did encourage me a little bit.

Then we came home and I decided we needed more baking. I like to take lots of fresh baking when we go camping. It's a thing I do... After consuming half the bag of Skor Toffee bits, I dumped the rest into the cookie dough... But not before TroubleMaker showered the kitchen in a brown sugary concoction. I just about came unglued (he did this with every batch of baking he and I did yesterday too). But I just smiled and ran for my Zantac. When that didn't work, I ate a half dozen of the Skor Cookies - I was able to rationalize that TroubleMaker mashed half of them while "helping" me get them off the cookie sheet.

Now as his sights are set on shooting candy sticks around the house, I'm just sitting here waiting for Calgon to take me away... In case it doesn't, please send my Sanity to:
Attn: TroubleMaker's Father
PO Box 123, Itseemedlikeagoodideaatthetime, AB
Canada T6E 1N4

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