Sunday, August 7, 2011

52 Week Challenge: 34 Years of Magazines

While I've been embroiled in home renovations, my organizing has taken a bit of a back seat - that said, renovations are like the ultimate reorg of your home but this renovation is part of the 'big picture' renovation that started with me organizing my office/studio space.

So this week, as I put on the second coat of mud and read about installing wall paper, my husband set to sorting and purging his magazine collection...

I've mentioned his ginormous collection a couple of times since I started participating in the 52 Week Challenge. Today, he went through and photographed his collections... He has decidied to finally get rid of all the magazines. All of them. Assuming he can find someone to take them... If he can't he'll take them all to the recycling depot.

I didn't realize immediately that he was doing this. He kept making trips up and down the stairs (his studio is on the main floor, the periodicals were stored in the laundry room). I offered to help after the fourth time I saw him, but he declined... I think it was his way of "saying goodbye".

As I ventured upstairs to see how it was going, he said...


"1996 to 2011 - that's how long I've been collecting Jeep magazine."

I looked at the magazines stacked all over his studio. Fifteen years of magazines were strewn about in neat, orderly piles. No doubt sorted by year, then my month. He's very organized that way.

"Initially, they only published three or four a year so there aren't as many as I thought there would be." he added.

A while later, as I was preparing dinner he requested my presence in the studio.

"1991 to 2010 - 4WD and Sport Utility magazines."


Nineteen years. Who keeps 19 years worth of magazines?

My husband. The organized pack rat. I am very proud of him for doing this - it is hard to get rid of something. He started reading both magazines because of his keen interest in "off roading". He got his first Jeep in 1991 and his passion and love for four wheeling was born. Passions and people change and all our purging will make way for new adventures and excitement!

For more fantastic inspiration, check out the Organizing Junkie's 52 Week Challenge and get inspired today! Thanks for stopping in and we'll see you next week!


  1. Wow that's great! We purged our 10 years worth of Bon Appetit last year. I cut out recipes and saved a few special issues, otherwise off they went to recycling!

  2. My husband keeps magazines for years, too. In fact, we have about 15 yrs. worth of a favorite one on shelves that were put there when we moved here 24 yrs. ago, and he has never looked at them since. Now he has them available online, so maybe he will give them up. I think they are turning to dust.

  3. Cat And mine gives me grief for too many issues of cooking magazine! ;) Boys!

  4. ally's G I did the same thing with my craft magazines but my husband didn't even bother - he read through a couple but said that any reason he'd kept them, he'd long forgotten what project interested him and he didn't have the time (or budget) to do anything to his Jeep now anyway! Good job on cleaning out yours!



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