Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Write like you've got something to say...

It's been a dry spell here at Barefoot Deliberations... I've been swallowed by my basement renovation, enjoying the few fleeting days of summer, transitioning into a new position at work, preparing myself for TroubleMaker's first day of playschool and just trying to keep up with life.

And the one thing that has fallen by the wayside is my writing.

I know, personally, I love logging into Blogger and seeing all the awesome updates the blogs I follow have done... And I know the feeling of disappointment when my favourite bloggers haven't done anything new!

I've read consistently, since starting to seriously blog, is that one should write everyday, even if they've nothing to say. I've never subscribed to this theory, mostly because even though I always have something to say, it isn't always worth saying... ;) But I've really gone a long time without blogging and it makes me sad!

I guess it's about priority and only trying to put 'quality' material out in the ether. Please don't take that to mean that I don't admire and envy bloggers who write and post everyday - we are all 100% different and I love and embrace those differences, I guess I mean that within my life, I have to try and balance my priorities according what I think, feel and believe.

But tomorrow is Wednesday and I've made it my priority to write my We-Design-Day article so I best get to that! I appreciate everyone who pops in and gives me a read now and again, thanks for standing by while I work through all the fun things in life!

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