Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Menu Plan Monday: Recipe Review! Pronto Spanish Rice & Beef

Last night, I stuck to our menu and made the Kraft Kitchen's Pronto Spanish Rice and Beef for dinner.

Firstly, I had read some of the reviews that said it was good, but bland... Knowing that my husband prefers it when i follow the recipe to the letter the first time, I attempted to not "enhance" the flavour.

That said, I used basil instead of oregano, added a whole green pepper and an entire small onion and I added a touch more rice (like 1/4 cup) and about the same of beef broth. Furthermore, I have a lot of cheese in the house at the moment so I grated mozza and marble to add to it and reduced the amount of parm (mostly because of cost - the parm blend we use is crazy expensive and 3/4 of a cup is nearly half the container). I also topped the finished product with a handful or two of black olives.

It was easy and quick. The taste was satisfying and I like the "all in one" meal concept on weeknights when time of the essence. All around it was a hit and will be added to the usual dinner menu rotation.

I did not find it bland and thought it a perfect 'kid friendly' meal. Could it be 'jazzed up'? Of course - but as the recipe is written, it is good.

TroubleMaker took a picture of his dinner for the blog - I will add it later tonight when I download his camera.

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