Tuesday, August 30, 2011

We-Design-Day: Lights... Action!

This past week, I've done more research into lighting and have likely over thought the whole process but I'm more confident that I've figured out a solution that will fulfill my lighting needs.

Although there are many tools available on the Internet to help you calculate how much lighting one will require for any space, if the understanding isn't present, they likely won't help. This is what I found out this week. Although I understand the concept and even know the recommended schematic used when lighting certain spaces, ensuring that an adequate level of light is obtained isn't as easy as typing a few key words into a search engine.

After probing a coworker (who is an electrical engineer) he further explained that sometimes the information that is posted on an information sheet can be misleading if you don't have the formulas to calculate the answers.

Trust me, that last sentence had me staring blankly into space too. ;)

What I did learn is that more is usually better - as we age, our eyesight deteriorates. All of us require more light to see appropriately. Reread that last sentence and memorize it. I think it's so important, I'll type it again.

All of us require more light to see appropriately.

What that means is that even though we all think we see just fine with our current lighting levels, more lighting would make it easier to see. Furthermore, with the increasing popularity of compact fluorescent (and the phasing out of conventional light bulbs) more of them are usually required to recreate the same light levels that conventional bulbs create.

I finally decided on two, two lamp fluorescent fixtures spaced over the two main work spaces in the studio space. Additionally, I'm going to install a under counter light strip under the Expedit unit I'm going to hang on the wall. I also want to add spot lights on the bookshelves and possibly some art-type lighting on different series of artwork I want to hang. I also have task lighting on my sewing cabinet and I have task lights for the computer desks as well.

Reflected Ceiling Plan

In the family area, I had thought about adding more lighting, but we've got two floor lamps we'll be moving downstairs. I did want to add a new fixture in the games area, but naturally, there are too many things in the ceiling (pipes, ducts and such)! we'll be changing out the existing halogen fixtures for new pendants - bulb type to be determined.

Lights, we all need them - planning for them can be tricky but if you figure out what you're doing in the space and how much light the fixture you want puts out and marry it to the figures I provided last week, you could be well on your way to illuminating your life!

Thanks for stopping in and I look forward to seeing you again next week!


  1. Hello, this is a great blog. I realise now that I have been unconsciously moving towards natural light during daylight hours to be able to see better even with my reading glasses on. Yes, it is time to get my reading glasses updated, but they are so expensive. Another thing I have been doing lately is not doing any craft work at night because the lighting in my house is so bad and has become more so as my eyesight deteriorates. Which annoys me because I want to work whilst watching some TV or sitting with the family. I find that if I really need to work in the evening I put all the lights on, then my DH comes home from work and switches them off, naturally I’m wasting power. Fair enough. Dear Brennan's mum, you have made me realise I need to 1) get my eyes checked and hang the expense 2) invest in a lamp or such so I can craft at night. TFS a great blog. Would you mind if I linked to this blog next week as I think your research is valuable?

  2. Hi Chris! Thank you so much for the compliments! I love sharing all that I've learned and truly believe the Internet should be a big, free resource to share knowledge! So, please, by all means please feel free to link back to me! :)



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