Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Plan Monday - Barbecue Week!

It's hot - finally - and for more than one day in a row. We actually hit 30 degrees Celsius on Sunday - the first time all year...

So cooking when it hot sucks... Grilling when it's hot makes it seem like summer... Granted, many Canadians grill all year round - we don't. We reserve the yumminess that is grilled anything for the short, short summer months.

Our menu may be adapted as the store where we purchase all of our meat has recently had an advisory issued for Listerosis! So I'm a little bit (ok, one hell of a lot) hesitant to eat any of their products... I'd trusted them whole heartedly and to see it on the news - especially when my husband just picked up our order on Thursday (the day of the SECOND recall - with not even a word to him about the advisory - as the were still handing out free garlic or ham sausage with every order over $50)! We ate some of their sausage Thursday night. It likely was the contaminated product - so now (after some additional reading while writing this post) I'll have to watch the family - me because my RA leaves me a "weakened immune system"... Yikes!

August 22 to 28

Monday Grilled Chicken with Caesar Salad

Tuesday Grilled Hotdogs

Wednesday Sandwiches and vegetables with dip

Thursday Grilled Veggies & Pasta Kebabs

Friday Grilled Beef Burgers

Saturday Dinner at my Dad & Step Mom's new house

Sunday Grilled Sirloin Steak with Grilled peppers, mushrooms & onions and ???

As I was reworking our menu tonight, our Thursday dinner, which was to be recycled from last week (as I didn't make it), I thought it would be interesting to do something other than "salad" with the Ravioli... Being I have a fridge full of peppers and other vegetables, I thought it might be neat to create a marinade and make kebabs!

Recipe wise, the Easy Refried Bean Burritos were a HUGE hit and will be added to regular rotation... The Grilled Roast Beef - I decided to not to that recipe but still used indirect heat on our grill and created a "rub" of olive oil and seasonings and served it thinly sliced on fresh crusty buns! Definitely a YUM!

For more great menu ideas and helpful resources, check out the Menu Plan Monday hosted by the Organizing Junkie! Thanks for popping in and happy planning!

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