Friday, May 6, 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 18 - The Recap

Well, it's been an interesting and very busy couple of weeks at my home. I will be the first to admit I've suffered a bit of slackeritis. I also had a commitment to sew some lovely little coats for super talented papillion that will be representing Canada in the World Open Agility trials taking place in England next week!

I am getting back on track this week but have been knocked back by a flare of my Rheumatoid Arthritis. It has left me exhausted, sore and kind of crabby. The next bit will be yucky as I will be starting a round of steroids and likely trying a new course of treatment that I'm not looking forward too at all... So today - this week - is about regrouping and regaining some control.

I lamented to my husband (who, I might add, agreed too heartily) that many of the spaces I'd organized over the past 17 weeks have once again nearly returned to their former cluttered state. The Cupboard of Doom needs a refresh, TroubleMaker's Dresser has had a three year old pulling out 17 shirts and 8 pairs of pants every morning in an attempt to get an outfit that "matches" (because what I pick apparently doesn't match), our dresser looked almost as bad as before and the computer and it's companion cart were once again cluttered with junk and I didn't help matters by stuffing some random stuff in the drawers while tidying this morning.

But I decided instead of trying to attempt an entirely new project, I'd go back over and give a bit of a tidy over the stuff I've done the past 16 weeks. It was rewarding to straighten up - it didn't take as long as I thought and although I didn't get back to every thing I have done, I did make a nice dent and it was easy enough to tackle with my somewhat limited mobility.

This week, Laura asked three questions for the participants of the 52 Week Challenge to answer.
Questions to ponder:
1. Do you sometimes use limited funds as an excuse not to get organized?

2. What’s on your list to organize this week?

3. What one task do you notice yourself continually putting off? Why do you think that is?

Well... These got me thinking. Although I do not use my limited funds to excuse my lack of organization, I do often think that if I had more money, I could buy things that would make it easier for me to be more organized. In my past, I have often purchased 'organizational devices' in hopes that they would aid me in keeping my paper and such organized. They have not. Most often, I don't even end up taking the 'device' out of the box! So although I do often daydream about fancy holders and baskets and racks, I know and understand that until I learn to keep myself more organized, no device - regardless of how awesome - will not make me more organized.

This week, I need to start tackling the one place that scares me deeply and that I keep putting off... My sewing studio. I've spend months planning a renovation to our basement. I'm nearly finished the planning but in order for anything to start, I have to pack up my room... No, not pack. I must apply Laura's PROCESS.

Thankfully, my "skills" of being an interior designer have really helped me - for months with my "We-Design-Day" articles, I've been researching what may/will work for my much needed storage solution for my craft and sewing supplies. This will allow me to store things where I can see them and access them but it will also 'make me' pare down my excessive collection.

The pictures below are only a small representation of the problem I'm trying to solve... But I'm on my way - I just have to get in there and start!


I've got a plan and now, I just have to start going through the piles and containers and allow myself the time to say 'goodbye' to everything... Which I think will be the hardest...

Wish me luck... I'm going in... Please send a search party if you don't hear from me!



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