Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Things That Keep you Awake at night...

Ok. I'm an insomniac - I have been for as long as I can remember. I do sleep but if my mind starts to work, there is no shutting it off until I get the idea that's keeping me awake out of my head.

First, I'm behind in my 52 Weeks of Organizing. Second, the wind has been banging everything around at night and I don't like it. Third, I want a pond and fish and a nicely landscaped yard. Fourth, I can't have a pond because my husband pointed out some problems: first, the neighbour has 8 cats second: we have a child third: I have to be responsible for it. Fifth, I've got a lot of stuff. Sixth, as much as I want a new house (my friend is placing an offer tomorrow on a brand new build) with everything brand new inside, I can't justify the cost of a new house. Less house, less yard (then we have now) and MORE money. Seventh - which is the real reason I'm awake - we've decided (sort of, maybe, kind of) to improve our house and make it ours.

Which has my brain working in 1000% overdrive. A new look inside and out. It's totally overwhelming to think that I/we can make changes to our home... It's been our home for seven years and now we might be really making it our home and I can't sleep... What colours will I chose? We will change the facade? Will it be too cramped with the conversion of the main floor for the studio?! It's all swirling away in my head and just keeping me up.

And don't get me going on the landscaping... I'm not much of a gardener - I don't have time to spend hours pulling weeks and watering stuff. Tonight we decided to seed lawn in the front part of the East (flower) beds that we dug up a few years ago. This got me toying with the idea of doing the same with the remainder of the East bed. Then I could get hanging baskets and small planters to do flowers in. I could then transplant the few plans we have (that I like) into an expanded West bed just off the patio. Then I wouldn't have the maintenance of such a large flower bed and I could do hits of colour with nice baskets or planters. And do not get me going on the front yard...

I better stop there or I will get no sleep tonight. It's going to be hard enough to shut the brain down from trying to figure out how to make our 1981 bungalow not have the frontage of a typical infill house... And being we have to re-roof this year, i have to make sure I have it moderately planned so the colour of the new shingles will 'go with' my eventual plan for the rest of the exterior renovation.

On second thought... Maybe we should just find a new house!

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