Wednesday, May 18, 2011

52 Week Challenge: Week 20 - Sort, tear and purge (Magazine Challenge)

After the success I had last week cleaning up part of my office, I decided to do a simple task this week that would help me pare down some of the items needing to be stored in my new space. Some time back, while I was with my Mom who was purging and cleaning her stuff, I took a box of craft books and magazines. I'm an avid crafter and sewer and I love pouring through magazines for inspiration, ideas and new techniques.

The problem is, I look at them, get inspired and then put them away because I never really have time (or space - did you see my studio - where would I work?!) - "One day" I always think - when I'm retired, on holidays, a weekend... But one day never comes - and often when I do get a chance, I forget what I wanted to do!

Another tip I got from the organizing seminar was that one shouldn't keep more than one magazine holder (meaning one of these) full of magazines. Use the "one in, one out" rule when it gets full or better yet, try this approach - which is what I decided to do with the box of magazines from my Mom...

Sit down (I did it in front of the TV a la Laura) and go through the magazine page by page. When you come to an idea or piece you want to keep, tear it out! Then you can sort them all in page protectors and clip those in a three ring binder!

I know - it's such a simple thing and so obvious... But I come from a long line of "Do not harm the book/magazine/newspaper" people (and I married the ultimate preserver of written word). We do not deface the written word... Ever. No dog earred pages, no broken spines and the newspaper shall be put back together with all the sheets matched - not one can be out of place...

It was difficult and odd and went against everything I knew to be right and true. And when I found the first thing I wanted to keep, I'm quite certain my husband died a little as he heard the 'thrrrrruuuuuuuupppppp' as carefully tore the page from the non-creased, still intact craft magazine from 1996.


But you know what? By the third thing I tore out, it seemed natural and OK. I was conserving the best part and the pages and pages of advertising will no longer interfere with my ability to read the instructions! I also found that my tastes have changed drastically in the past fifteen years... Things I once thought were 'too cute' for words are now tacky and "OMG! I can't BELIEVE I ever liked that!" It's liberating too - it's an odd sort of freedom getting out from under a stack of paper. I get to keep what I want - just what I want... Hmmmm...

I shared this gem with my husband (remember the thousands of mags hidden away in our laundry room) - but he insists he cannot do that. Ever. You see, his magazines are informative and education and research material and he couldn't just keep bits and pieces because he never knows what he may look back for to practice or a specific technique.

But, friends, I had a counter argument for him.

90% of what we read we need is available online. For free. Repeatedly. So, in theory, he could purge through and keep those he felt were important and simply Google the rest of the things he wants to know!

Sounds simple doesn't it?!

For more great organizing tips and check out the journeys of all those participating in the 52 Week Challenge! Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you again next week!

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