Sunday, May 22, 2011

She Ain't Heavy, she's my sister (and she's yours for $5.00)

For those of you with siblings, you will probably understand the innate ability of one sibling to get the other into trouble. In my family, it was always the "baby" of the family who caused the trouble for my parents and my brother and I. She was always sweet and dainty and tiny with finger nails like an eagle's talons. My parents only ever saw the adorable sweet little girl with the long, fluttery eyelashes.

As my sister and I became teenagers, I think our parents began to see with Devil that slept within my sister... But even her coming home tipsy and running smack dab into my Dad's chest well after curfew didn't get her in trouble. She ran amok and followed me like a puppy (because as she'll tell you, my friends would give me grief if she didn't tag along - that isn't actually true but I won't burst her bubble... ;)

Anyhow, we are well into adulthood now with children of our own and our relationship hasn't grown much. Each trip to my mother's brings the typical sister squabbles and her continual insistence of turning the photos of my brother and I around so only her picture is showing. She tattles to our mother for every little thing ("Mom, Corrie is hitting me!" - when I'm not) and bats her eyelashes and tries to look innocent (my Mom now knows better).

Trips to the local stores always illicit childlike behaviour (especially the dollar store) and has my sister setting off everything with batteries, trying on wigs, hats and giant sunglasses. Trips also involve buying things and doing things I wouldn't normally do.

The last trip had me colouring my hair an odd shade of coppery red and this trip involved me buying "bling" for my laptop. Now I will admit that hanging out with my sister is fun and I do these things because in the moment, it generally seems like a good idea. Reflecting on it, it seems like a waste of money and so out of character for me (I've always been the responsible, mature one).

I like the bling - in theory. But I know my husband will tease me - just like he does when I spend any time with Lizz... She tends to bring me back to a time in my past when I was very "rural"...

None the less, sisters are fun and annoying - but I wouldn't part with mine (even if I did try to sell her to the bag boy at the Sobey's yesterday). She's been my best friend, my worst enemy - likely all in the same day! I love her and she keeps connected.

So here's to you Lizz!


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