Thursday, October 13, 2011

All the Things I want to do One Day

My head is a jumble of everything. I have ideas, thoughts, dreams, ramblings, half formed posts, half thought thoughts...

I have a lot of things going on in my head at any given moment and my general repository is to say it over and over and over in hopes of committing it to memory. Or I email it to myself at home. Or I write it on a slip of paper.

As you can well imagine, none of those scenarios work very well.

I have an "in box" filled with hundreds of self-addressed emails with links to different things I want to do, try, or read more about. I can only remember so much and I don't remember much at all anyway so the repeating it to myself only works for 'short term' things like a phone number (til I find paper) or something I have to tell my husband who's in the next room. The slips of paper could be effective if I kept them all in the same place, but I don't... Pinterest is helping, assuming I can remember to go look and not just pin things to my boards where they will sit, unattended, for decades to come.

So as I was cruising the net at lunch today, I had a thought as I found yet another thing I want to blog about one day... The thought was this:

I should have a blog where I can post about all the things I want to do one day.

But you have a blog already.

Yes, but it's not about things I want to do one day.

So make it about things you want to do.

Why don't I write a post about all those things?

Why not write one weekly?

Cause sometimes I have more than one thing in my head.


So it's a mostly formulated thought. The Things I want to do One Day - we all have them - craft projects, books to read, recipes to make. And now I'm going to use electronic media to capture and track all those things for me. Coupled with my Pinterest account, I'm hoping to made a definitive collection of "things I want to do one day".

How about you? I think I might create a link party in the future, we'll see...

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