Friday, October 28, 2011

***Skooks' Playground***: Four Things Friday - Vol 1: Jobs

***Skooks' Playground***: Four Things Friday - Vol 1: Jobs

As I was catching up on my blog reading, I happened upon the Craftacular Mrs Skooks at Skooks Playground starting up a new "four things Friday" and this week, she's interested in our First Four Jobs...

My first job... Besides babysitting was waitressing at a small restaurant in my home town (to which I've now forgotten the name of). I remember liking it a lot - I loved the girl I worked with - she was older, cooler and kind of inspiring. The owner (who may have been the cool girls father) looked just like the Dad in the Cyndi Lauper video "Girls Just Want to Have Fun".

My second job (short of about three other short stints as a waitress) was selling credit cards at a box stores front entrance. I loved the job but I hated pushing credit cards. There were nights where I'd work for four hours and not make a cent. We were paid by the application - $2.50 if they didn't sign for the insurance, $3.00 if they did.

My third job was a rental car clerk. I loved this job and was devastated when I got laid off. I was laid off because the city I live in has two airports... Shortly after I started, the City voted to close the city centre airport and hence, I got laid off with a bunch of others because they'd be phasing out that location.

Irony - it's been 18 years and the airport is still open.

My fourth job was an order picker at a sewing supply wholesaler. I loved the job (most days - although it almost killed me the first few weeks as I was not accustomed to standing eight hours a day). it inspired my desire to learn to sew again and fostered my creativity. It morphed into an assistant manager's position and from there, I spring boarded into design school.

What a fun way to wrap up my Friday!

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  1. How fun! I'm so excited someone wanted to share their 4 things. :)



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