Saturday, October 22, 2011

MPM: Keeping Up!

This past week, we did pretty good... Until Thursday that is... I went off the rails but I kept moving... Even when it hurt! My arthritis is not cooperating but I keep moving and trying because I know, eventually, it has to get better!

But a new week is dawning and I'm back at the drawing board thinking up meals. This week, my husband is having some invasive dental work done so we will be all adopting his 'soft food' diet for a few days post op. This is actually easier on me than him because I am a SOUP fanatic! But he won't eat soup for days on end so.... His loss, I say! The one benefit of living in a Northern climate is SOUP season!

Monday Impossibly Easy Chicken Pot Pie (I make my own biscuit recipe to top this with)
Tuesday Quesadillas
Wednesday Baked Potato & Leek Soup with Cheddar and Bacon
Thursday Fettuccine Alfredo (this is not my usual recipe but I fell in love with Cassio's sauce and am trying a bunch of different ones in hopes of recreating their sauce)
Friday Kraft Dinner & Fish sticks
Saturday Halloween Party! (veggies n' dip, cheese, meats & crackers)
Sunday I'm not telling! My parents are coming for dinner and my (step) Mom reads my blog so I'm keeping it a secret!!!

Another week planned and I'm beginning to feel a little more in control of our menu plan. I haven't been doing more than a week at a time and I've not been following a strict budget but (yet) but I'm getting back on track and keeping up with one of the little bites I've chewed off for myself, so two weeks in a row, I've planned and it's not been an overwhelming, last minute, chaotic event!

Now if only I could remember to print if off! Thanks for stopping by and check out everyone who's planning their menus with Laura at I'm an Organizing Junkie!

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